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May 18, 2018 - Posted in Travel Posted by:

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We are living in a world
Of “who has what?” and “who is who?”
But I’m telling you my friend
The answer’s right in front of you
– from the song Searching by Roy Ayers

That’s the thing about searching. For me at any rate, the best stuff has come when I wasn’t, with no effort at all. Like that morning in Sofia last December.

In Everybody Loves the Sunshine I told the story of three amazing things that fell into my lap that day – Eddy’s Bakery, a good friend and Roy Ayers. The first two are 7,451 kilometres away now, as I write this in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but Roy is still with me.

The joy and simplicity of Roy’s music helps fire my engines most mornings (and has probably become one of my consistent patterns). And if I ever start doubting, or feel like I’m losing my way, Roy takes me back to that morning in Sofia and the breadcrumb trail that keeps on giving, with ease and kindness and without asking for anything in return.

As I walk out into the sunshine, I hear the man say, the answer’s right in front of me.

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Bespoke Traveler 10 months ago

How true that wonderful things fall into our lap when we are not looking for them at all.


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