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Feeling Friday

April 27, 2018 - Posted in Overheard Posted by:

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My sister’s a flight attendant, so I can fly as far as the east coast. I go to New York in the summer time. I live in a paradise, but Miami can be brutal. One of my Thai friends said Bangkok is like Miami… Bangkok can get like that, oh, ok, yeah she’s from Bangkok, now she’s living in Hawaii. She said it’s brutally hot over there. You’re right, the New York subway in the summer is terrible. Yeah, really, my dad is from Paraguay, my mum is from Connecticut… yeah I love being there I really do. I love the city, yeah me too, believe it or not I feel that way. I mean Miami is pretty diverse, yeah, yeah, oh yeah I know, but some people just don’t answer you. Isn’t it rude, just not to answer?

So how long are you here in Chiangmai? Oh yeah, you just got here. Songkran[1] was terrible. I didn’t want to go to Bangkok, I thought it would be worse there. It was so bad. It started on Thursday… my friend and I met up at Pea Gate. We both unexpectedly got wet meeting there, I wasn’t expecting to get wet, I was so surprised. Eventually we decided to give in and buy water pistols and it was fun, but then they started throwing that river water, then ice. On Friday it got worse, it was like a war zone. So me and some other Americans and Latin Americans hung out here at the hostel. They actually made us Pad Thai. And we stayed here the whole day. We had such a blast. I was so happy that happened, I was kind of sad, it was like being trapped. I had heard about Songkran, but I hadn’t expected that. So it was great in the end. Then Sunday it was like, what are we gonna do? But I feel like the whole weekend was just about dodging water. I wasn’t too happy about it, I kept thinking this should be fun, but it wasn’t.

How long were you doing acupuncture? Hmmm. That’s typical nowadays. I’ve been realizing that, yeah. That’s true. I met a lot of people who changed their careers half way through their life. How can you just do one thing your whole life? Yeah, that’s true. I thought about doing acupuncture. Actually I was in a medical program for clinical therapy, then I got fed up. I became a massage therapist at eighteen. Eventually I decided to become a PT, then I was twenty-eight, I’d already been a therapist for so long, and it was so hard for me to be taught by then. They were all one-mind-track.

Every Friday we had a Feeling Friday class, and the first year a lot of the classes were mixed. But in general we would do our practical but it was not about the whole body, yeah, it was like this whole weird thing. The first year was torture, I thought, I can’t be taught this way… I felt so unhappy, I was really depressed about it, and it was like, what the hell am I doing? Out of a hundred, eighty of the classes stopped. The anatomy class was so funny. I don’t regret that one year, but it was torture. So I left after that one year, and I’m glad I did. I love acupuncture.

For years I suffered from migraines when I was younger, and a lot of them came from eating the wrong things and they did all these stupid tests. I know, yeah, yeah I’m checking out in forty-five minutes. It was nice meeting you. Yeah, I’m actually looking toward to going back to Miami. It’s a paradise, but it can be brutal.

(Eavesdropped in a Chiang Mai Hostel. From the Overheard Series)

1. The Thai New Year celebrated in mid April. Cities erupt into mass water fights where no-one, except monks and babies, are spared a soaking.

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