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Mechanical Man

March 4, 2018 - Posted in Overheard Posted by:

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Fresh from the Overheard series.

Somewhere in America, at the turn of the century, were two cars built by Ford, and the only two people in the town to possess these two cars, or any car per-see, ended up colliding, ended up crashing…. this is another dread one – I feel relaaaxed – there was this geezer, his girlfriend jilted him, I think I’m getting the precise story, long story short, this guy, the culprit, the guy who fired the rifle ended up dying of grief or he committed suicide. Long story short, the total essence, I’m getting as close as possible to the actual event – I know that bloke – I mean thanks right, right, thanks for looking after me – now this coincidence, at the end of it, what happened was, the one who fired the bullet actually committed suicide, he was like depressed, grief stricken, the same tree that had the bullet embedded in it was actually blown up and when it was blown up the same bullet came out of the tree and killed him. Can you imagine that, it don’t make common sense, it just shows you what life is about.

It’s strange, you see the McDonald’s you got here, a lot of people don’t realise, I was shocked when I found out, the one in Wembley we used to go to was the second one in the United Kingdom, we used to go as youngsters in our crocodile shoes – what do ya mean? Yeah, but like here we go again –  it just goes to show, we was totally unaware of it, the McDonald’s we was standing outside, our whole crew, it was the second McDonald’s in the United Kingdom, I don’t care what anyone has to say, we made history – give us a couple of fries, don’t over do it bro, I’m grateful – at the end of the day – come off it bro, I’m grateful, don’t say that, I didn’t want you to go and spend money on me – as we’ve been talking about, people have no sense of balance, they will just sit down and after all you offer them, they just keep taking and taking, no matter what type of person, it makes me think – you know that geezer over there, some form of autisticness – I mean it right, no seriously, now at the end of the day – sometimes you get on my nerves.

At the end of the day…what I need to do now is…what we tend to do…we just live in a one dimensional world, just fast track, like you know, the good thing and the bad thing about it is the fact that if you don’t watch yourself or check yourself you will become a mechanical man, as far as I’m concerned there’s no proper calculations, according to how many people on the planet, the majority are robots, not even that, they’re just robots, simple as that…a mate of mine said they’re dead already, why people like you and me, you know what I mean, are just fucking robots… some Japanese geezer, some high ranking member of whatever, he said this, I know you won’t agree with me, he put it in a nutshell, he said all they are is babies… the people I grew up amongst, they been like long dead and whether you want to like it or not, they are robots, simple as that…I used to see people years ago, the difference between them and people today is vast…

These people are fucking dead anyway.

(Overheard in a London McDonald’s)


Katy 1 year ago

I LOVE when You do this. You could put them together in a book. Really cool. I have to laugh because it’s early and I missed the “overheard…” part at first. I read this and thought, “Wow. Is he drunk posting? Sounds pissed….understandably….and yeah….I see his point….but he sounds so different!!!” Then I got to the end and had a great laugh! Thank You and Cheers!!! ????????????


Abraham 1 year ago

Thank you so much Katy!! 🙂 I’m really happy you enjoyed it. Haha I can imagine it sounded a bit weird… maybe I’ll try drunk posting next time and see if you can tell the difference! The book idea is great, I’ll be keeping my ears open 😀 Cheers back to you!!


Lisa A Dorenfest 1 year ago

Definitely a great idea for a book here. Do it!

Love the photo too!


Abraham 1 year ago

Thank you so much Lisa! The book is an excellent idea, I’ll keep the conversations coming in the meantime. Stay well 🙂


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