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Fujisan Can Wait

July 22, 2017 - Posted in Travel Posted by:

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You know that computer wallpaper of Mount Fuji, the one with thick fields of purple flowers and azure sky kissing her white peak? As long as he could remember, he’d imagined himself standing in that scene, among those flowers, feeling Fujisan’s magnitude pulse before him. Many years before, when he first visited Japan, he might have passed close by her on the train from Tokyo to Osaka. But he couldn’t quite remember.

When he returned to Tokyo three weeks ago, thoughts of actually going to Mt. Fuji surfaced; encouraged, in no small part, by the slumbering volcano herself. For the first few days she seemed to be stalking him; the poster for Mt. Fuji day trips next to the hostel check-in desk; the Fuji fans and Hokusai prints adorning the wall of his little tatami room at Wataru’s house; the huge image of the sleeping volcano papered across the wall in the sento, (Japanese bath house) beneath which he sat, like a potato in boiling water, around him Japanese men rigorously scrubbing themselves. Not to forget the silk boxer shorts, imprinted with Fuji’s full majesty, calling to him from the rack of a clothing store.

And yet, he hadn’t gone.

One afternoon, sitting lazily in the cafe section of a supermarket, he wondered why. Perhaps I’ll be disappointed, he thought. Like the other day, when he tried to re-enact Scarlet Johansson’s walk across the Shibuya Scramble Crossing (from the film Lost In Translation). It was much better when she had done it.

Maybe he was just too lazy to get on the train and go. He’d always been lazy. His film tutor at art college had said so. She knew what she was talking about.

But his favourite theory, and the one he decided to go with, was that he was enjoying too much all the ways Mt. Fuji was coming to him. He would go, one day, just not now. For the moment, he felt at peace with their relationship as it was, one of gentle anticipation and respectful distance.

For now, Fujisan could wait.


sharonpinhas 3 years ago

Love ❤️ this post bro!


Abraham 2 years ago

Thanks sis!! ????


CrabAdventures 2 years ago

I think you are right on this one. Having done this hike recently, I must say the huge amount of people doing the walk along with me drew any magical sensation away from materializing. Besides, one of the beautiful things about Mt Fuji (that which connects us with works from artists such as Hokusai) is actually being able to SEE Mt Fuji in the background. So I would say that probably there are other hikes around the My Fuji area that might be far better, more desolated and spiritual than the hike to Mt Fuji itself. I have done it once, but it’s not on my list of “to do again”. At least not for now 😉


beautifuldiaspora 2 years ago

Thank you so much for reading 🙂 Yes I think what I’ve read about seeing Mt Fuji from a distance vs actually climbing its surface has also influenced me not going. I’m definitely interested in the other hikes you mention that are around the Mt Fuji area, thanks for the tip 🙂 Thanks as well for mentioning Hokusai, wow what a fascinating story his life was and the influence of his artwork is incredible. I’ve been thinking of writing a piece in connection with him 🙂


oneyearinchinasite 2 years ago

beautifully written piece!


beautifuldiaspora 2 years ago

Thanks so much for reading @oneyearinchinasite and for your kind words! I really enjoyed writing it 😀 Have a really wonderful day!


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